Welcome to Digital Deal

Digital Deal allows you to, safely and securely, provide us with all the information and documentation  needed to purchase an AutoTrek Pre-Owned Vehicle! Digital Deal is safe and secure! All FTC Safeguard Rules are followed to protect your personal and private information! Completing a Digital Deal will save you over an hour at the dealership!

  • Start your online purchase by visiting our inventory page or clicking on the link below.
  • Select the vehicle you would like to purchase.
  • Contact the dealership and check availability.
  • Our team will confirm availability and place the vehicle on hold while you complete your Digital Deal purchase.
  • Click START PURCHASE on the vehicle details page.
  • Complete the purchase forms and upload your documents.
  • Once your Digital Deal is received and approved, one of our team members will contact you to schedule a delivery at the dealership or an in-home delivery if you live within 100 miles of our location. Additional delivery options are available for a fee.      

Just look for the Start Purchase button and off you go!

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